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Wiser Insights Group is the modern consumer insights research consultancy. We say "consultancy" because we approach problem-solving as people who have held marketing positions on both the client side and the agency side. We're the solution to the problem with traditional marketing research: statistics without real insights.
We specialize in helping clients gain fresh perspectives and deliver activation ideas to grow their business. We do this with the right mix of hard data and behavioral science – tenets of anthropology, evolutionary psychology, and behavioral economics – to develop a clear picture of consumer behavior and how it directly impacts the category and the brand of study.
Our core vehicle for this is PurchaSCIENCE™ precision behavioral research. The key is the unique ways we create, combine, and blend ingredients into the perfect hand-crafted research cocktail - one of the many times we believe having the right cocktail is everything.
(Don't even get us started about glassware...)



every 9.1 minutes someone in the world completes one of our studies


the size, in millions, of our U.S. based rep panel (We also have global reach and translation services)


the speed, in hours, that we can field your study and get you results (some restrictions apply)


the number of pre-screened attributes in our rep panel (virtually eliminates costly oversampling)


the number of DMAs in which we have native ethnographers


the number of countries where we have fielded studies


the number, in years, of client and agency-side strategy and marketing experience fueling our outputs
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Plus, we love what we do and we're really fun to work with.


The Simple Truth™ is what you need, not a complicated narrative. We deliver the short-hand elevator speech about the current state of your business and business opportunity.



Our consulting process is called PurchaSCIENCE™ and it helps clients understand the irrational decisions consumers make when purchasing products and services and the things influencing those decisions. Overlaying cultural constructs and isolating important decision criteria along this purchase journey allows us to pinpoint places to insert your brand for consideration and define the differentiated space your brand can credibly own.
PurchaSCIENCE™ is rooted in the logic flow that doctors use to diagnose patients. It starts with SmartTHINK™, an exploratory session with your key stakeholders to identify the learning goals, capture critical questions, and develop hypotheses.
We work with you to understand historical data, knowledge gaps, internal hypotheses, and institutional folklore (those things everyone steadfastly believes but have never been proven). We think it's critically important to understand as much as we can about your business and clearly define the problem we're solving together so that we can focus our learning objectives.  
Our process flow: 
Consumer Insights Research
Consumer Insights Research
Customized Purchase Journey
All of our learning starts with WiserINSIGHTS™, custom studies to decode how consumers think, how they act in the category, and how your brand and competitors fit into their daily behavior.



We offer a number of custom, from-scratch study recipes within a portfolio of proven, behavioral science-based solutions. Our research plans are 100% hand-crafted, built-from-experience, and guaranteed to generate immediate, actionable insights. As such, you never get an off the shelf proposal, because we tailor the ingredients to the learning objectives, the DMA, and the demographics of respondents.  
Some proprietary ingredients include:
WiserSHOPS™ use a hybrid method of focus group and retail walk throughs to measure perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs before, during, and after the retail experience, including merchandising, pricing, and employee engagement.
WiserBLOGGING™ leverages daily audio and video capture of behavior as respondents are using the product and/or service. Researchers check in daily and probe each blogger's comments. These blogs are typically used in conjunction with online IDIs or WiserGROUPS™ and target the "aware non-trier" of the brand.
WiserLISTENING™ trolls social sites and blogs for common themes and insights. It's ethnography for today's consumers, who represent themselves on different platforms in different ways, yet the one thing that remains the same is how they feel and talk about your brand.
WiserBUYER™ is a buyer-based segmentation of a brand’s core customers, to understand their category mindset, purchase drivers and brand values.
BrandDNA™ is scientific research to isolate the emotional end benefit of a brand, its relation to the target and pathways to strengthen this bond.
WiserTRACKER™ is a unique tracking tool to measure brand health using the 9 most essential aspects of the brand and the business. We compare these "must-have metrics" against POS data for a more complete picture of what's happening with the business.
We conduct as much peer-to-peer ethnographic work as possible to glean real, behavioral insights that uncover habit loops and define conditional behavior: the triggers that create changes to the norm. Then, we validate our findings through a rigorous, customized quantitative study.
Traditional focus groups have their place in the mix, but even when we do them, we meet respondents in a more inspired setting that is appropriate for the topic of study, to have a more authentic conversation.

Let us craft the right cocktail for you.

Understanding the behavioral nuances of consumers is more important than ever, and there's no better way to do that than to infiltrate, assimilate, and communicate with consumers in their natural environment.
The Wiser Alliance is a finely curated group of ethnographers in various cities, each specifically trained in our proprietary methods. Matching the individual researcher to the project in his or her native and proximate geography is one of the many ways our insights are clearer, richer, and more meaningful.
New York
New York


Los Angeles
Los Angeles
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We know that the world is made up of stories, the most important of which are the stories consumers tell others about your brand. So we take insights from our learning phase and our custom purchase journey to run through our WiserVIEW™ behavioral lens. This visual narrative clearly identifies where to intercept habitual behavior and overcome barriers to grow your business.
What consumers factor into their decision making process, including features & benefits
Why consumers act and behave the way they do, including the underlying drivers
How cultural orthodoxy and societal issues shape and influence consumer attitudes & behaviors
Lori Wiser

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Lori spent more than 25 years as an agency executive and loves cycling, and (to our knowledge) is the only female marketing consultant to have completed George Hincapie's fantasy cycling camp.
Mark Wiser
Mark spent more than 30 years as a Fortune 500 marketing professional and plays drums in a rock-and-roll band, and (to our knowledge) is the only marketing consultant to have performed live with Roger Daltrey.

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We believe the core strategic opportunity for a brand exists by differentiating on one axis and ensuring you're relevant and competitive on the other two. We distill this down to your strategic proposition to act as the lens for your marketing communications. 
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Right now, the brand is winning on cost to acquire (introductory offer) and accessibility (largest provider), but failing on the other two axes.


AMAZING BRANDS, RIGHT?  It has been a privilege to provide our services to more than100 of the best and most respected brands across a wide range of industries. Here are a few we have been proud to help:
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It all started nearly a decade ago when Mark’s penchant for mixology met Lori’s love of classic literature. Seeking to marry their interests, they came across Tequila Mockingbird, the ultimate cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Their love of Prohibition Era cocktails ignited. The rest, they say, is history
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